Tagebuch 23.5.2022

Today’s installation has 3 parts. 

 The first concerns the nature of the project this semester, that is, how to institutionally structure the Small Green Leaf project.  the second is how they would curate a huge amount of projects, andthe third, is a list of the huge amount of projects. 

An Institutional Proposal 

Babe proposes that they propose the curatorial collective as their shared lecture performance in a semi-public space, that is, their contribution to Ahmet’s space. This will achieve, for all of them, an effective institutional goal: serve as a “big” project, and allow them to move much further in their progress through fKiK.  Babe also proposes that they ask if Ahmet can give similar project status to any other members in the collective, therefore incentivizing others to participate.  Who would these people be? If they could get someone outside of IfKik, as Loaf had pointed out before, they would be eligible for ASTA funding.

How They Would Curate A Huge List of Projects

Babe has spent most of this email writing out details about all the projects they could do. They didn’t have to do all of these, no, that wasn’t necessary, but it was possible to do all of these if they could manage two collective tasks (1) to act as tentacles from a single mind (2) grow more tentacles. 

(1) tentacles from a single mind: this meant that they would somehow all know what needed to be done, and would do it in the fast way. Because the list of projects that follow is extensive, but there’s little that requires anything intricate or technical. Our material demands are realtively low; printing, hanging suppies.  

(2) We all operate as different kinds of tentacles that can do different tasks.  Even if we do achieve (1) and coordinate well, having more tentacles would be wise. Tentacles that can do different kind of tasks, especially. 

The Huge List of Projects

Galerie 252

The Idea:

The idea here was relatively simple: to turn room 252 into a “multilayered” and “horizontally curated” exhibition space. Multilayered meant that each show stayed when the next went up, horizontally curated meant that anyone, in essence, anyone within the program could curate a show with anyone else: in

The Value: 

Getting exhibitions is a fundamental need for practicing artists, therefore, by offering a solo or group exhibition to as many people within the program as possible, we provide massive social good. The multilayered curation approach subverts an unseen core assumption of the white box gallery aesthetic, therefore also achieving novelty. 

In addition, Galerie 252 also provides an excellent venue for other projects. Such as Fridge Show I, II, III. 

Fridge Show I, II, III 

The Idea: So many people responded to our “open call” for the fridge show that we had to schedule three diffent fridge shows, one in early june, one in late june and one for the rundgang. 

Why This Is Worth Doing:

The art show within the fridge becomes emblematic of our curatorial practice. We can talk, first, about the transversion of established curatorial patterns, that is, what happens when you start to do very serious curation of fridges, locker stations in train stations, and delivery pouches.  We can also quote those wonderful first lines from Virginia Woolf’s “To The Lighthouse”  which describe James Ramsay

“sitting on the floor cutting out pictures from the illustrated

catalogue of the Army and Navy stores, endowed the picture of a

refrigerator, as his mother spoke, with heavenly bliss. It was fringed

with joy. “

To The Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf

James’s mother has just said that they will be able to go on a trip to the lighthouse the next day. They are on vacation, and James has been wanting to go to the lighthouse forever. He is six years old. 

Difficult Families

The Idea: A Group Show about difficult family relations

Why it’s worth doing: In the very first tageschriben Babe wrote about anti-emotivism and emotivism; and Sojin has also spoken about wanting to make art that is about deep family issues, but without being “sentimental” – the goal of this show is to make work that is at once emotionally deep, raw, but also includes the self-transformation, self-recognition, twisting turning formalization, the “whatever” that constitutes something as an “art” in a context.  (this is another example of a 252 show) 

yoko and nikkei, 

the idea: a solo show from Sojin featuring one video piece (yoko)  and one other piece (nikkei) about the use, or misuse, of female bodies to sell japanese food in Berlin

why it is worth doing: because it will be excellent, primarily, specifically, in creating a kind of socially aware/contextual work that is still also intruiging as an artwork through the use of kareoke in the yuku piece and whatever form sojin choses to display the yoko materials. 

Yu Lu Solo Show

The Idea: A solo show from Yu Lu

Why it’s worth doing:  (1) the relation to the aesthetic movement called kidcore (2) yuki can work fast (3) it can be a fun party.  (also for 252) 

Fenia 2006 Solo Show 

The Idea: Fenia arrived in Berlin in 2006, when she was 18, and took many photographs, digital photograph, she has a vast archive of them from back then.  The idea of the show (so far) is to combine a slideshow (or monitor) show of the photos combined with some sort of artifact from the period, perhaps an original painting or wall painting.  

Why It’s Worth Doing: (a) it’s “roughly” scheduled for the 8th of july. (b) the photos are deeply touching (c) the awkwardness evidenced at that period feels right. (another 252 idea) 

Rebeka foto mapping,

The Idea: Rebekah the classmate of Babe and Loaf had a video mapping piece that could be projected onto a series of cardboard boxes.  

why it’s worth doing:  (a) the particular aesthetic value of this piece,  (b) the fact that it would be connected to a night event (c) the fact that these cardboard boxes could themselves be a previous art work; therefore modeling the link a

Juicy Show 

The Idea: A group show about, critically about, critical and honest about, the representations of millenial raunch culture. 

Why it’s worth doing: because it’s more anthropological, more critical, more academic, more feminist, and will make that “camp” within FKIK feel heard, recognized, connected to, in a fresh way as well…(another galerie 252 idea) 

Viktorie-Luiz-Platz (by the Imago-Warburg Institute) 

The Idea: A show introducing the namesake of Berlin’s Viktorie-Luiz Platz, the first daughter of the last kaiser, a dedicated national socialist, and a beneficiary of the nazi regime’s theft of jewish property. 

Why it is worth doing: because it is an example of how images can effect some sort of social transformation; how a kunstaustellung can effect historical recognition, and therefore introduces the themes of the imago-warburg institute. 

sento projects:

the idea: a curatorial residency at sento bar, a japanese small plates/bar right next to Gorli park owned by May, a friend of Yukis, someone that Babeloaf have already met.

Why it is worth doing: because it will help May bring people to her bar, and provide her value, because it will provide them with a curatorial platform to do events, nightlife events — see the next three projects  

not funny, a night of anti-comedy 

the idea: a night of artists or noncomedians making “anti-comedy” – that is, performances that relate to standup comedy in the same way that the “lecture performance” relates to TED talk.

Why it’s worth doing:  novelty of the “anti-comedy” format, specialness of allowing performance artists to do comedy, potential incredible hilarity, Babe’s desire to create some strange characters. 

eden-apocalypse intellectual kabarett: 

the idea: imagine the overlapping circle between those interested in art theory, and those interested in nightlife, and then you have the target audience for the world’s first intellektual, a night of strange performances that combine thinking with music, dance, videos; a night of altered perceptions and unexpected memories. 

why it’s worth doing: because it could change human history forever

bb-drawing extended protocol

the idea: to distribute a body of BB’s drawings in a way that provides communal wealth

the value: to share BB’s wonderful drawing discoveries with their network, to build up the part of BB that feels deeply rejected.


the idea: a combination of dj sets and vj performances.

why it’s good: because so many people want to be djs.  because babe really wants to VJ and is too shy to do it any other way.  (note: a better name, maybe? or not?) 


The Idea: A WG as a performance piece.  (](https://pityless.com/gemeinbuhne/)

Why It’s Worth Doing: Because it solves the fundamental problem in Babeloaf’s life now: now having a permanent residence, and it also solves a deeper problem, the lack of a communal-performative life. It would also be the first communal-performative experience, which has some novelty. 

Train Station Locker Show: 

The Idea:  Curate a group show inside of a bunch of train lockers,. 

Why It’s Worth Doing:  Again, produces an emblematic example of our work in extended field curation. 

Berlin Hyperstitions: an art school horror sitcom 

the idea: hyperstition means a belief that has become real. past workshops have produced an outline of ten episodes of a horror sitcom called ‘berlin hyperstitions’ that’s set inside of the udgk: the university of contemporary art, a version of the UdK in an (even more) dystopian timeline. 

10BHS1 Cryptocemetary: is about what happens when a jewish-american graduate student makes the discovery of a cemtary in Britz filled with the grave of high-level war criminals, and then awakens into a world where the holocaust has been forgotten 

10BHS2 Trollschutz – what happens when antisocials in Berlin (the drunk and high people who sit around in parks) start attacking “normals” in Berlin? They get called “Trolls” and begin to be attacked by “normals” but then a group of art students form a group called “Trollschutz” to protect the trolls. 

10BHS3 The Seventh Stage of the Gay Virus: is about a very hot straight tall cismale Swedish art student named Joran whose artwork is all about what he calls the “the correction cycle.” In each, he destroyed part of my image in a different way. In the first one,he found the ugliest woman I could find, and married her, and swore myself to her forever, in the second one, I came out, in public, as a member of a prominent fascist family, and now, for the third land last part of the trilogy, I want to dress as a KKK and go walk through harlem. But Joran’s advisor tells him to stay away from race. It’s too hot now. It will position him wrongly. The Avisor suggests that Joran instead do something involving his potentially gayness. Joran, therefore, decides to order and try out a legendarily infamous “popper trainer set” – that is a collection of poppers and specialized video that (apparently) can turn everyone gay. 

10BHS4 Führerhelm: the narcissitic jewish canadian mother of an incredibly depressed jewish canadian “art in no context” graduate student discovers the helmet which (secretly) gave hitler the magical power of charisma. 

10BHS5 PoundPuppy: a perfectly happy lesbian couple’s (one of them an experimental textile student) 

love is destroyed when they adopt a perfectly cute pound puppy who (seems to be) an embodiment of the goddess eris, the goddess of strife. 

10BHS6 BroJob: what happens in a world when casual homosexuality becomes acceptable between men, and then, suddenly, stops being acceptable later? how does this (temporary change in reality affect the lives of students at our school? 

10BHS7 Bayerische Sublettor: a chinese art student couple coming to the udgk rents an apartment from a bavarian named heidi; even though they spend a day cleaning the apartment, she freaks the fuck out, takes all of their deposit, and then tries to ruin their whole lives. 

10BHS8 The German Saulte: the jewish-american graduate student from episode one, having now gone insane, tries to see how far his ‘jew card’ goes in germany by starting to do the nazi salute in public space. Alone he doesn’t get caught, but eventually gets arrested when he organizes 88 gay jews to do the nazi salute outside of the old berlin synagogue. 

10BHS9: The Rise of the Mushabiis : an nft project launched by the class of a mysterious figure modeled after hito steryl becomes hyperstitiously real; that is, these ‘mushabiis’ seem to be taking over reality