Tagebuch 15.5.2022

(a) s.g.c.c/USP gehirnsturm

(b) introducing ‘sento projects’

(c) not funny, anti-comedy show @ sento

(a) USP stands for ‘unique sales proposition’ and is used in business speak to describe the singular offering that a product, or service makes.   I don’t have a quippy way to describe our USP yet, but here is a gehirnsturm on the topic. 

*A distinctive relationship to emotion, expressionism; not a reactionary return to “true” emotion but an integration of thought and feeling; a recognition of the feeling involved in so-called “theory” and also of the thoughts involved in so-called “emotions.”  

*A friendly, but slightly sad attitude towards the world. 

*Extremely hospitable event culture, make everyone feel welcome, high quality food and drinks, special publications for everyone to have.  (“customer service culture” but in a non obvious way?) 

*We have unique geographical/historical focus: pacific rim, recent history. 

*Creative use of print material. 

*Simply the fact that we may have a USP makes us distinctive from the aristocratic anti-commercialism prevalent within the “radical” artworld.  BB can’t speak for all the other members of the collective, but xe, themselves, seek large-scale commercial succes for their projects, because xe believe in these works, and know that this kind of commercial success will fertilize even grander projects, projects of such resplendence that BB can barely cognize them

(b)  introducing “sento projects” 

Sento is a bar newly opened near Gorlitzer Park, 

owned by “May” a friend of

our fKiK classmate and friend Yu Lu (Yuki)

Yuki did the current installation in the bathrooms

and a lot of other decorations and art works 

throughout the bar.

Babeloaf went to the opening last night

and saw some real curatorial possibilities.

One of these is quite specific: to do the anticomedy 

show there. But there’s also a larger strategy-

namely, to work with YuKi to curate an ongoing 

series of exhibitions, performances, workshops,

parties and interventions at Sento: “Sento Projects.” 

not funny, the anti-comedy show

would be part of this metaproject. 

(c) not funny, the anti-comedy show

Ask an artist to perform standup and they will be afraid, probably, but if you tell them that it is anti-comedy, and that they really don’t have to be funny, they will probably end up being funny. There is the more or less basic idea for ‘not funny.’    Who, exactly, we ask to be not funny, and how, is all up to us. Curating a mix of styles of notfunny is good, like you would have one person doing a standup set in chinese, and then another person singing, and then i could talk about the bath situation in jail in osaka. NOT FUNNY!!!