SGLCC 21.5.22 Tagebuch

Babe has two fantasies for the Small Green Leaf Curatorial Collective.

The first is sad and the second is happy.

In the FIRST FANTASY: no SGLCC projects ever happen. Maybe it’s because Babe’s bodymind is too weak. Maybe it’s because Loaf has too much work to do. Maybe it’s because Sojin gets a call to go do a solo show at a museum in Malmō. The reason doesn’t matter.

What matters is the outcome: nothing, no happenings, no exhibitions in train station lockers or fridges, no galerie, no banquets, no. Or maybe it’s just one exhibition, and then separations happens.

Babe is used to this outcome.

This has been (basically) the outcome of every collaboration xe have worked on except for three. One with Drew (painting), one with Alex (writing), and one with Loaf. With Drew, Babe has been working for nearly 10 years. With Alex, for 8, and with Loaf, for almost six.

All of these are person to person collaboration. And behind them, unseen, are many, many of other attempted person to person collaborations. Babe starts to list them, but then realizes that it’s a bad idea.

Orpheus’s first teaching: Don’t look back.

But something was missing. What was missing were collectives. Collectives were bigger than two, bigger even than three. Collectives were bigger than a person.

Collectives were the ghosts that powered the world.

Now it’s time for the SECOND FANTASY.


We look up at a 5-story Gründerzeit building covered in ivy. From the blue sky and existent light, we can guess that it’s summer. All but the top two floors of the building are residential, but on the top two floors, the architecture transforms into a hybrid of leaves and glass. Up there, some sort of artistic labor seems to be happening: is that painting? The flash of a camera? Music, too, comes down from the street, throbbing womb like music.

A pale green Chyron let us know that this is BERLIN, 2024. The camera rises up in the air, higher higher, looking into various houses, and spying, for a moment, what domestic life in Berlin in 2024 is like (mostly like 2022: spreading vegetarian dips onto rustic bread, watching a child spill yogurt onto hardwood floors)…and then we rise up, further, further, and find ourselves in the


And here life is markedly different than 2022: because there aren’t any collectives like this in existence, no collectives where curation, cooking, photography, kareoke, theology.

And unfortunately BB’s visionary ability runs out there, but the point is that this second fantasy is a fantasy of fruition: of the collective happening.

Babe can think of a lot of ways that the first fantasy happens. There are so many kinds of dispersal.

But how about the second fantasy? How does that happen?

It would happen not through “work” but through communication.

Through the structure of a communication pattern between Loaf, Sojin, BB that would

(a) effectively coordinate exhibitions and performances

(b) harmoniously expand to include others.

It was very easy to write these two sentences. And maybe it will also be easy for them to happen. For “hard work” is certainly not the answer: machines work hard.

When growth and blossoming come, they come easy. (oh but what about those growing pains?)