Resonanz From May 22 Meeting

Job Zheng

  1. The set date for performance is (possibly) on June 3rd, the friday after this week.
  2. I want to repeat the 3 elements of the next performance: (a) Location: Post Protokol seminar (b) Fake Institution: Social Arcology Lab’s plan to initiate a “Mimetic Cascade” of bolos within Berlin – a voluntary communization.
  3. And (c) formal intervention was what the last discussion mostly about, Arim suggested to bringing a cake (or did Job proposed it?) this symbolize the dividing of the civic body into chunks of Bolos (300-500 people units). I think, some sort of simple but vivid diagram (or body movement?) to demonstrate the formation of Bolo will be very efficient and at the same time fun to watch.
  4. Arim also suggested a body movement exercise, this was already written in BB’s protokoll. Barbad remembered a rhythmic body workshop he did for children, explaining how chocolate factory works. The children learn a movement that represents a segment of the production line, and teach it to the person next to xem. I imagined how this could be used to explain the symbol language in Bolo’Bolo, to use the body demonstrate the symbols.
  5. There’s a technical details about the music part of the performance that BB didn’t mention was that Job had borrowed a loop station from a classmate, and they will have a part in which Barbad plays the flute and loop each layer until the music becomes a wall of layered sounds. This although requires rehearsal, and other equipments (more on these topics later)
    6.inspired by the watermelon topic,was that we will incorporate a section of interconnected monologues /stories into the formal structure of the performance.
  6. So let’s repeat again: (a) location: Post Protokoll classroom (b) imaginary institution: Social Arcology Lab (what xe do? Starts the mimetic cascade of Boloism in Berlin) (c) formal intervention: inner seminar – workshop – (break-in) performance [body movement – flute inprov – monologues – and? ] – some interactive(with students) dialog? – (return to) inner seminar
  7. You can tell that there’s still some part of the formal interventions are a bit obscure, that’s what we need to figure out in the next meeting. Next bulletpoint will be about what to do before the next meeting.
  8. – Figure out the date of next meeting: how about this Thursday? A public holiday
    • send emails to post protocol teacher Lukas to set a performance date
    • there will be an assignment coming in before the meeting to help the next brainstorming
    • who can find microphone for the music inprovisation part?
    • costume ideas?


[3:28 pm, 25/05/2022]Mommal Thanks for protokolls guys!

  1. This Thursday leider i can’t .
    Job, do you remember the radio choreography erformance i sent you last time? If you still have an interest, how about going this performance together and have the meeting before or after?
  2. where can i look more infos about BOLO/BOLO symbols? Sounds interesting. We can do some experiment/impro to create these symbols through our bodies and movement. And make a short choreo like Barbara’s game!
  3. Next Friday klappt bei mir! Um wie viel Uhr?
    [3:31 pm, 25/05/2022] Mommal

-There are still some tickets for Operation Mindfuck on 29.05 !! Go get tickets if you have an interest. I‘m quite sure i‘ll be there

-Can we also talk about in the next meeting how to gather people for workshop/how to appeal them ?