Pityless Consulting for the Teochow Association

  1. Until the 1920s, Teochow could move to Thailand freely, and these immigrants became economically, and culturally successful group in Thai society. Pityless Consulting, a collaboration between a Teochow and a Jewish-American, proposes a series of large-scale cultural endeavors to the association of the Teochow people. The overall aim of these proposals is to boost the collective value of the “Teochow” identity, and therefore, create significant value for all Teochow identified people.
  2. Our first proposal begins on the smallest, most testable level: the pop-up restaurant. Specifically, this pop-up restaurant offers a fusion of Teochow and XXX cuisine.
  3. The next project is also a small scale event. It is what is called an “institutional performance” The institution here is called “Huamoji Research Institute” – and it is a system to write the chinese characters in any language. If you speak thai, or teochow, or english, you can use Huamoji to write it. The “performance” is a “huamoji workshop” held in a central public space in Bangkok, perhaps a mall, one that teaches, for free, people how to use the Huamoji System. This creates a user base for the “Huamoji Network” a social media. By hosting the Huamoji Netwok, the Teochow Association can become partial owners of the emerging transborder messaging network.
  4. Now we move to a larger scale: a proposal to create a new, or series of new chinatowns throughout Bangkok. These would be a combination of real estate development and social arcology: because every person who came and lived in the new chinatown would be a co-owner of the whole.
  5. Related to this is a project of cultural exchange that invites Teochow from China to come visit, and participate in the building of the different “New Chinatown. This initial exchange will also set up the conditions for step eight.
  6. Invest in the creation of a media studio to create contemporary version of important Teochow cultural patterns, especially opera . Connect this media studio to a language school that lets people learn to speak Teochow in a creative/musical way. Use
  7. Start an (a) institute for teochow studies (b) subsidize a chair in teochow history at an elite university in Germany, the United States, and China. (c) create a high-gloss monthly literary and artistic magazine for teochow culture.
  8. Develop a policy to allow mass migration of Teochow’s into The Kingdom of Thailand. Such a mass migration would provide a dramatic boost to the economic system of Thailand, providing a steady stream of educated, entrepreneurial human capital to both existing and future economic systems. Given the already existing Teochow infrastructure, social integration would be relatively easy, and systemic stresses relatively low.