InstitutionellBühne Thinking Document 1:17AM 26.5.2022

An earlier plan for the “first season” InstitutionellBühne consisted of eight different performances of eight different institutions. Babe believes that they can use this plan to structure eight different different “performances” on their institutionalbuhne to happen over the next five weeks or so. This was slightly intensive, but these performances shouldn’t be too difficult or complex to coordinate, once the basic pattern was discovered. That was the point of this thinking document: to figure out that basic pattern, and maybe other patterns, too.

Babe would start with a list of the eight institutions, and note down any conception attached to each, any particular project. For the reader, remember that they will not actually seek to “perform” these only institutions but make them the subject of a intellectual cabaret.

  1. Social Arcology Lab: the initiation of the mimetic casade in Berlin, that is the formation of one bolo leading the bolo’ification of the city, working out the logical of that ‘social arcology’ – and, at the same time, also trying to explain and figure out what social arcology is.
  3. Ding gallery, having an opening. This could and should perhaps be the kunst-spati. That was the project that Babe had initially wanted to do, in truth, earlier, for the first semester Ahmet, why not “do it” now: because they weren’t doing it, only talking about doing it.
  4. rule breakers studio, fundraiser, where they would raise a lot of money to create the communist disney. a fantasy of getting VENTURE CAPITAL rich. (WITH COSTUMES? Inside of an ACTUAL BUSINESS SCHOOL CLASS? Have someone stand up and try to invest in us right there, say that they will buy the rights, and then have someone else try to auction them up, and then have it be really sold, the right to own 1% in our massive media endeavor. Imagine buying 1% of disney for only 10 million euros!
  5. mercurian records, audition for generation omega.
  6. neudeutsch benefiz ball.
  7. s&gmgmt intensive
  8. volcanos first issue.

What do all of these have to do with each other? They are all descriptions of part of a utopia. Therefore, we can see this entire season of performances, starting from the first “real” performance, ideally, but not necessarily, on the 3rd, as constituting an abstract-ish picture of an imagined bolo’existence; seen through the strange — the estranging lens of the ‘intellektual’ cabaret format.

In terms of performance ensemble, it would be ideal to keep with the four who had met before: Loaf, Babe, Barbad, Maomi. And then they could add people for different performances. Guest performers.

It would be good, too, to work with someone inside of the class; to have them be a ‘spy’ that was one thing they failed to do before, and it cost them. Having this “spy” will let them understand the situation within the class.

One additional thing that would be good, if perhaps, difficult would be the generation of a text. This reminded Babe of the idea of a dramaturg: of them trying to find a dramaturg for this performance. Did they need to write funding for any of it?

Yes, actually, funding for the publication of a book. This would be the ideal artifact to capture the first effort of the InstitutionellBühne. And the preparation for the book could be used for future funding purposes.