Infinite Thailand

is both a new national development strategy and a national branding strategy for Thailand.

Infinite Thailand fuses (A) social arcology (B) the DAO and (C) international partnerships with (D) performance art to achieve a “value chain vault” that will propel Thailand out of the “middle income trap” into developed national status within the next generation: roughly 19 years.

That’s the national development strategy 

The national branding strategy is also called Infinite Thailand. 

Amazing Thailand introduced the world to Amazing Thailand: the land of a thousand smiles, of unbelievably delicious food, and spectacular beaches. 

Infinite Thailand introduces the world to Infinite Thailand: a nation where everything is happening and anything can happen. 

Everything Is Happening: Infinite Thailand tells the world a new kind of story about Thailand: it is the rare (mostly)  happy story of intense multiculturalism. Mons, Siamese, Teochow,  Fujianese, Cantonese,  Malays, Chinese, Germans, Italians, Americans, Israelis: they all co-created thailand together.   

Anything Can Happen: Infinite Thailand is also an invitation to participate in Thailand’s new national development strategy: an invitation to the world to help Thailand achieve a “value chain vault” – that is, a leap from the current GDP (7,186) to the level of Germany (45,723.) 

This Value Chain Vault has four ingredients: (A) social arcologies, (b) the DAO (C) International Partnerships (D) Performance Art. 

(A) This Value Chain Vault is possible through 9 different social arcologies: complex partnerships between different, even divergent Thai social groups. 

(A1) The first of these social arcologies is 420AOC: AOC stands for Appellation d’origine contrôlée — a closely regulated French administration system identifying certain wines and cheeses to certain specific region. This system creates localized and temporalized differentiation – that it, it divides the market up into extremely specific small batches made at over a specific time period (vintage) and place ((Appellation)  because of 420AOC, a 1947 bottle of Château Cheval Blanc Merlot could be sold for $304,375 in 2010. 

Cannabis legalization, no matter what, will be an enormous revenue producer for the Kingdom of Thailand: the prospect of enjoying an edible on a warm island beach will draw many, many people back.  There are, however, many different ways to achieve this legalization. It could simply lead to a situation of monopolization, where the entire industry is controlled by one or two agribusiness groups. 

Better is to adopt the AOC system, and support the local development of cannabis products.  This system is a useful example of a social arcology: in order to achieve the 420AOC system, regulators must work with political parties, entrepreneurs, and blockchain partners (more on this later) in order to make the system work. This multiplicity is pattern across all of the different arcologies. 

(A2) The second arcology is the Bangkok Tunnelparks. The two biggest limitations of Bangkok, from an international city angle, are the limited parks and the suboptimal pedestrian experience. Cover the large inner city roads with tunnels, put shady parks on the tunnels, and you solve both problems at once. The first part of the path can lead from Thonglor all the way to Dusit passing through Lumpini, Sala Daeng, Sam Yan, Yaowarat. The second part could stretch from Dusit to Bang Sue, and then all the way down to the start of Thonglor, completing a vast green ring around the city. 

The optimal place to start the twenty year project would be around Lumpini: such tunnelparks would massively increase the value of the ONE Bangkok development, link them into Lumpini. Again: a complex ecology of partners is needed to achieve the project, developers, engineers, local property owners. The key to this integration, once again, are the distributed accountability networks made possible through Web3. 

(A3) The Third Social Arcology is Educational Tourism: Educational Tourism:  Thailand invented medical tourism, and now it can pioneer educational tourism.  Imagine a month long immersion language program where you can come and stay in a resort and only speak and learn German the whole time. Imagine an experimental summer art school. The possibilities – and prospects for partnerships with institutions around the world – are  infinite. 

Key to the value vault is international partnership: roughly put, for many places in the world, the five months between November and March is radically less pleasant than Thailand.  Therefore, Thailand has a material advantage to attracting talent. The next 

(A4) Bangwood:  Imagine if Thailand became the easiest place in the world to make any kind of video content. The world is currently in desperate need of studio space: with the right regulatory environment, Thailand could attract sufficient international film production to catalyze the development of a massive new domestic/international film industry: a hybrid product creating new kinds of movies, and bringing more and more international talent to Thailand

(A5) Contemporary Art Pre-eminence System. Thailand can take advantage of the political instabilities in Hong Kong and become the new dominant mode in the contemporary art ecosystem. One part of the system is  the conscious importation of few dozen international galleries in a targeted contemporary art neighborhood. Another is turning the nation, itself, into a free-port for contemporary art, that is, allowing the tax friendly \sale, importation, and exportation sale of contemporary art.  The third part of the system is the sponsorship of a new, English language contemporary art university in partnership with Chula University. 

 (A6) In order to facilitate for the easy access of international talent, a CREATIVITY VISA would further activate the importation of local talent.  Imagine a site: creativevisa.thailand: users could submit their Portfolios/CVs,  and get a visa to come and create in Thailand. 

(A7) The next three arcologies are all large scale endeavors: each of them designed to be part of the value vault upwards. The first, and largest of these these is a CHAOZHOU TO SINGAPORE GREEN TRANSIT FUND.  Reliable electric train networks connecting Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and the People’s Republic of China combined with a vision of electric green transit through the area. Although this is a massive endeavor, it also unifies many groups – specifically, transnational Teochow networks – in a resolutely “win-win” fashion.

(A8) NEW CHINATOWN:  The political climate in the PRC creates an environment for a large-scale importation of talent;  Thailand, with gay marriage, legal cannabis, and a comparatively free press will be an enviable location for many young, creative Chinese. The creation of a NEW CHINATOWN in Bangkok’s Klong Sahn, across the river from the ORIGINAL CHINATOWN. This new chinatown can be focused on contemporary art, film making and educational industries, looping into the EDUCATIONAL TOURISM  BANGWOOD, and CONTEMPORARY ARTS PRE-Eminence Systems. 

(A9) CP+:  Convenience store connoisseurs around the world debate whether Thailand or Japan have the best 7-11s, but the competition is close. It is a sad, but profound truth, that you can eat better Thai food in a 711 in Hua Hin that in most of  China or western Europe.  This is also an opportunity for CP:  is a new convenience store concept for CP inspired by the classic automat restaurants of 20th century New York. There’s three parts of the store: freezers and fridges with an ever changing assortment of food, microwaves to warm up the food, and chairs. Futuristic design essential.  All screens: lots of opportunity for in-store advertisements. 

(B1) DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization.  To explain what this means, and why it can help create social arcologies, let’s take the example of a film production.  Imagine my film will cost, say, one million dollars to make.  Right now, in order to raise money, I would need to go to private producers, sign contracts with them, get the money, and then make the movie. There are plenty of places for mistrust in the process:  the producers could never give me the money, or they could steal the movie, hire another director to make it, and ignore me. Or I could take the money and run. 

Imagine, now, what if anyone could buy one share of my movie: there’s a million shares, and with them, comes an algorithmically encoded promise that guarantees one millionth of a share of the sales of the movie.  Not just that, the share also lets the “owner” see all of the financial transactions that their money will go towards. All of these agreements are embedded in the “code” of the organization. This organization can also change its codes, in which ease, each share gets a vote. 

(B2) Now imagine a DAO called ITS: Infinite Thailand Strategies. Imagine that this organization has (say) 299.88 billion shares, and imagine that each share costs one baht. The first 9 million of these baht would go towards the funding of the “performance office”  – this is the performance artwork described in section C. The point of this performance office is to both develop and popularize the concept of Infinite Thailand, and raise sufficient funding for the creation of Infinite Thailand Strategies as an interdisciplinary studio and office representing, and leading the DAO. 

(B3) The first round of the DAO funds the performance office. The second funds the office itself. From the third round onwards, funders will be able to target which specific arcology they want to fund: an experimental theater in New Chinatown? an endowed chair at the Contemporary Art Institute? 

(B4) Key to the success of the DAO is the broad participation of multiple social groups in the project. Especially key here is participation from so-called Red and Yellow sectors of Thai society. Part of the beautiful lesson of Infinite Thailand is that the nation is “infinite” enough for many different kinds of groups. The inclusion of CP in one of the core ecologies also indicates how important participation from the large family concerns of Thailand is.  Also pivotal is the participation of the Central Pattan group: their past success creating the walkway system in Central Siam has value lessons forInfinite Thailand. 

(C)  International Partnerships.   

Infinite Thailand — the national branding strategy –  is also an invitation. Come to Thailand. Start a restaurant. Start a theater. Make a movie. Start a school.  Open a biodynamic farm.  

The year 2021 was difficult for everyone. The year 2022 may be a difficult one still for the world: good thing that in Thailand, it will be the year 2565. 

Think of how many people in the world want to enter a different timeline. Think of how many people want to start new. Think about how many people really hate winter in Northern Europe or Northern China or Canada.  Think about everyone who visited Thailand and loved it. 

There’s two ways that these people can participate. They can come to Thailand on the Creativity Visa, and help build Infinite Thailand here.  Everyone who comes here to start something will also support others: network effects will take hold fast. 

The other way is through participating in the DAO.  Here, from the third stage onwards, members of the DAO can target their funding towards the projects they wished.  Even members with limited investments can participate in activities: a member in Ontario can keep abreast of the development of a biodynamic cannabis collective in Buri Ram. 

(C1) Targeted Partnerships

Strategy (A8) NEW CHINATOWN is one such targeted national development. It’s an invitation for Chinese people around the world to come to Bangkok and create a new kind of Chinatown. But there are many other variants on the template: NEW BENGAL, NEW BROOKLYN, NEW BERLIN, NEW BUSAN,  NEW BISSAU, NEW BOGOTA. 


(D1) Even if you agree with the Infinite Thailand vision, you may be thinking that it is too complicated to explain to anyone. Social arcologies, distributed autonomous organizations, targeted international partnerships: these are not ordinary concepts. The are, so to speak, outside of the existing political vocabulary. 

(D2) There is a famous saying in creative writing: “Show, don’t tell.”  So instead of trying to explain an extremely complicated national branding campaign and national development strategy, imagine, instead, an unusual storefront inside an mall around Siam Square. 

It looks different than any storefront you’ve ever seen: more like a creative studio than a store.  The walls are covered in cork, and there’s drawings and images and printouts pinned it.  Nine people work inside: some recording podcasts, some painting, some sitting and typing. In the back, there seems to be some kind of seminar. 

 There’s a neon sign outside that says: ∞泰.  You recognize the first character, the infinite sign, but down know that the second means. So you look LCD monitor next to the sign. This LCD monitor explains that this is a “performance office” of  “Infinite Thailand Strategies.”  This is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization dedicated to a national development and branding strategy. Today is the 9th day of a 27 day long experiment. Currently, we’re working on a design intensive of Social Arcology A8: New Chinatown, Recording  podcast Episode 9 ““Travel to learn: on the future of educational tourism” At 3pm, there’s a seminar on the concept of “Social Layers” and “Greater China.”  At 7pm, there will be a lecture  on the history and future of the Teochow people in Bangkok. 

(D3)  This example indicates the basic daily structure of the performance: every day, there’s a podcast, a design intensive, a seminar, and an event.  Each day begins with attaching the results of the prior day to the wall, so they become, over the event, filled up with a visual archive of the results. 

The suggested budget for the 27 day performance: 9 million baht may be excessive, but spending more allows for a higher caliber of participants in the performance.  The two creators of this proposal, Job Zheng and Ben Shepard, could serve as organizers, seminar leaders, and do graphic work for the project. In addition, 7 other positions are needed: a Production Manager, to organize the various layers, A Salesperson, to sell shares in the DAO, a Podcaster, to record and organize the Infinite Thailand Podcast, ideally in Thai and English, A Visualizaer, able to render compelling visual representations of these arcologies, A Contemporary Art Specialist, to coordinate the artistic aspects  of the project, a Social Connector, who can link the various needed participants in the DAO together, and a Political Economist, capable of fitting these projects into existing material reality. 

(D4) Success for the performance is selling enough shares in the DAO to fund the actual creation of Infinite  Thailand Strategies as an interdisciplinary studio which can coordinate and lead the development of the strategy. 299 million THB would suffice to staff a firm up to the task.  

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