Pityless Consulting offers institutional-performance based consulting to collectives and individuals.

Current Consulting Clients: Small Green Leaf Curatorial Collective, InstitutionellBühne

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“What is important now is that we free ourselves from the prison of gender, and before it is too late, deliver the world from the almost exclusive control of the masculine impulse” –

Carolyn Heilbrun “Towards a Recognition of Androgyny” (1982)

“To be free is to be able to flourish as the kind of being one is, and so to attain the ontological good toward which one’s nature is oriented; freedom is the unhindered realization of a complex nature in its proper end (natural and supernatural), and this is consummate liberty and happiness. The will that chooses poorly, then – through ignorance, maleficence, or corrupt desire – has not thereby become freer, but has further enslaved itself to those forces that prevent it from achieving its full expression. ”

David Bentley Hart, “The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami” (2005)